August 8:  It's Monday a.m., and a chance to reflect back on this past weekend.  Speaking for myself, it turned out to be better than I had anticipated.  It was great seeing all of you who were able to participate. 

Special thanks to so many of you who had to make travel plans to attend.
As to Dan Schaiewitz, you're in deep s**t.
Over the next week or so, I'll be posting pictures.  I know that there were hundreds taken.  Doubt that they'll all wind up here, but will have a lot to view.  Stay tuned. . . . . . . . . .
Let's start with Friday at the Four Brothers Restaurant:
          Welcome Diana, Marlene, Phyllis, Anne, Valerie, and Joe

                                     Diana, Pat, Anne, and Valerie

                             Alan and Diana

                       Marlene and Ken

                                 Leah and Jim                                                            Bob, Brent, and Pat

                 Anita, Chris, Dave, and Anthony                             Rosemary, Diana, Mary Frances, and Leah

                                                     Ethlyn, Sue, John, Dave, Chris, Clark

                                                                  Rosemarie, Betty Jo, Charlie

                                  Rosemarie, Betty Jo, (waitress), Charlie, Brent, Mike, Ethlyn

                                                Reno and Inez Veschi, Vic Rossi, and Anita

                          Leah and Marlene                                                             Pat and Mario                            

                                                   Mary Frances, Diana, Alan, Louis, and Pat

                                   The Baumgartner Clan was there - Dan, Lori, Kathy, and Bobby

                  Rosemary, Carol (Fossatti), and Bob