Saturday, August 6th at Putnam National:

                           Mike at the mic

                                                  Dan receives "Man of the Year" Award from the A.A.A.R.B.

                                                           Come and get it!

                                          I thought the buffet was pretty good.

                             So did Chipper.                                                               Dan and Lori

                           Margaret and Bill                                                       Rosemarie and Margaret

                               Mario and Pat                                                          Chipper and Louis

                             Ken and Marlene                                                          Charlie and Kate

                 John and Sue on the dance floor                                               Dave and Chris also

                                Leah and Jim                                                                   Bob and Charlie

                        Mary Frances and Anthony                                                       Judy and Jim

                     Anne, Richard, and Kathy                                                           Bob and Mike

                  Rosemarie, Judy, and Valerie                                       We even had a celebratory cake

                     Valerie and Evelyn                                                                  Jim and Pat

                             Evelyn and Judy                                                     Anne, Richard and Kathy

                       Valerie and Rosemary                                                              Dan and Lori

                        Bill and Charlie                                                                 Marlene and Mike

                     Brent, Chipper, and Louis                                                         Kate and Brent

                             Anthony and Anita                                                      Me and my bride

                                                             Alan and Nilda.  You go, girl!

Pat and Jim                         John and Sue