Jan. 24: A belated Happy New Year!  I haven't touched base here in a while, but the holidays were busy for us, as I'm sure they were for everyone.  Rose and I had a house booked for the month of January on Tybee Island, GA.  We really enjoyed our time down there, and hope to get back there again.  Unfortunately, we had to cut our time short, as Rose's mother passed away on Monday, Jan. 21.  With her passing, marks the end of an era for the Decatur and Hadden families.
I received an e-mail from Dan (Ace) Schaiewitz recently.  Seems he'll be heading for a trade show in Las Vegas, NV (at least, this is his story).  Just remember folks, what happens here (Las Vegas) stays here.  At least that's what they say.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.....
Feb. 18:  Got to see a few "Mahopac people" over the weekend - Anita and Anthony DeFrancesco; Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead; Joe and Jill Bellucci; Hal and Barbara Quigley; Eddie Daisy and his wife Anne.  Hal Quigley said he was surprised that I was talking to him, as he forgot the date of our last reunion.  Told him we'd give him another chance to attend the 50th, and I have no doubt that he will!  Also hoping to get Joe there as well.
We're heading to Florida this Saturday.  Staying with Leah and Jim McIntyre Saturday night, and then heading out on our annual cruise to the Caribbean on Sunday.  Hoping to have dinner with Leah, Jim, and John and Sue Roger Saturday night.
March 11: Back from our "annual cruise" to the Caribbean.  Stayed with Leah and Jim McIntyre at their home in Hobe Sound.  Great place!  It's a tough life when you keep a fishing pole by your back door, and have to walk about 10 paces to wet a line!
We missed seeing John and Sue Roger, as they hadn't gotten down there yet.
Are you sure that none of you have any news to share?
April 7: I'm sad to report that Bettie (Castegner) Montgomery's mother passed away recently.  Our thoughts and prayers are for Bettie, and her family. 
April 9: As a result of the recent group mailing, I received an e-mail from John Steiner informing me that he has moved back to New York.  Welcome back John!  I've posted his updated information on the website directory.  You may want to edit your printed directory.
I also got a couple of 'failure to deliver messages' for Dot Pritchet, and Gary Dubowy.  If anybody can update me with either or both e-mail addresses, I'd appreciate it.
April 17: Rose visited one of her cousins yesterday, and came home with the pics below.  How many of these people can you name - they were all in our class.
April 20:  I received an e-mail from Kate Conrad (known in high school as Kathy Goldstein).  Was sorry to hear that her mother passed away in September.  On a brighter note, Suzanna Sassoun visited Kate, and her husband Dan this past fall.  Kate attached several pics from the visit.
I've posted a few below: 
                        Suzanna & Kate
               Kate, and her husband, Dan
April 30:  I received an e-mail from Paul Simone today.  He has started a new business with a friend - see directory.  Also keeps busy with the International Defensive Pistol Association; teaching Tukong Moosul Martial Arts on a limited basis; and still has a daughter (Katie) in school with a busy schedule.
Paul sends his best to all.
May 1:  Received the following e-mail from Pete DeWitt.  Thought I'd share with everyone to keep you up-to-date.