10/15:  Received word that Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet's husband, Walter, passed away this past Sunday.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dot and the family.  Rose and I got to know walt since our 45th reunion, and we have many fond memories.  He will be missed.

11/1:  We have 2 anniversaries, and 6 birthdays this month.  Celebrating anniversaries are Dan and Lori Baumgartner, and Joe and Phyllis Mantovi.  Congratulations to you, and may you have many more.
     Celebrating birthdays are Christine, Dot, Nancy (Depp) Cargain, Phyllis, Clark, and Ted Malozzi.
Many happy returns for each of you.

11/9:  Got together with friends for Blue Grass brunch at Daryl's House.

Christine, Rosemary, Bob, Dave Dugas, Nilda Schaiewitz, Dan.  Good food, good music, good friends, good time.
                            Happy Thanksgiving!
12/1: Here we are in the month of December.  We have 2 birthdays, and 3 anniversaries this month.  Celebrating birthdays are Marlene, and yours truly.
Happy birthday Marlene, and many returns.
Celebrating anniversaries are 
Clark and Joanne, Marlene and Ken, and Rosemary and Bob.  Happy anniversary to all of you.
​12/21:  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkah, and all the best for a healthy, happy 2020.
A group of us will be getting together for lunch at Daddyo's in Hopewell Junction on the 26th.  If you are in the area, and would like to join us, let me know ASAP.  Pictures will follow.

12/26:  11 of us met at Daddyo's in Hopewell Junction for lunch.  We all had a great time catching up.
Seated from left to right:  Ethlyn Finnerty, Christine Dugas, and Phyllis 
Mantovi.  Standing from left to right:  Sue Roger, John Roger, Dave Dugas, Mike Finnerty, Rosemary Decatur, Dot Pritchet, Bob Decatur, Joe Mantovi.

1/29:  I'm really late this month with the birthdays and anniversaries.  My apologies.  Mike Finnerty and Dan Baumgartner are celebrating birthdays.  Many returns for you guys.  I have  no record of any anniversaries.