July 20, '09: Time for a new page  (too much scrolling).  Need to include a couple of pics of our golf partners over the past 2 summers - Leah (Knapp) and Jim McIntyre. 
I'm smiling, because I took Jim to the cleaners, once again.  Rose says they always take good pictures.  I think it's because Jim has had so many mug shots taken over the years.
Oh, no, Jim.  It's in the woods again!
Relax, Leah.  Your ball may have gone into the woods, but mine's in the pond!
                 Mine went into the sand.  Anybody have a pail and shovel?
                                  Damn!  Mine's on the green, but it's not pin high!
9/21: A group of us once again celebrated the autumnal equinox at Umberto's in Poughkeepsie, NY.  You'll notice the 2 empty chairs (bottom right).  They were for Dan and Nilda Schaiewitz, but they were both arrrested on the way to the event*.  Since Dan didn't make it, there is no typical "reunion graphics," and we had to employ Kathy Moyer, MHS class of '65, as a photographer.  Kathy just happened to be there, and joined our '61 group for a while.
*see picture below
Picture taken later that evening at Poughkeepsie City Court House.