7/19:  Had 4 emails with a 'failure to deliver' message from last group mailing.  Anybody have an updated email address for:  Gary Dubowy, Nina (Wolfson) Meyer,  Louis Sweet or Richard Mozer?  If so, get back to me so I can edit the directory.
7/22:  One last picture from the 49th reunion.  Apparently, someone at the reunion thought it would be a bright idea to throw one of the logs that was for the campfire  into the pond.  I don't understand the thought process of a vandal who gets pleasure out of doing harm to another's property.  Rose and I are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator of said crime.
Here's the log in question.
I'd appreciate any input
from any classmate in attendance last Saturday.
I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!
In the past 24 hours, 5 people came forward as eye witnesses to the person who vandalized my pond, and one person sent a picture with the culprit in the act.  I immediately contacted police, pressed charges, and he was arrested this afternoon.  See pic below:  (was there really any question as to who did it?)
There he goes.  Off to the slammer again.  Do you think he'll ever learn?
7/28:  First group email went out yesterday, and I've already gotten responses from about half of those I have email addresses for.  Sent out letters to 25 people today.  Those were to people I don't have an email address for.
Will let you all know where we stand when I've heard from all those who respond.  There are still several people who seem to be completely lost - no word from anybody on their whereabouts since our 45th reunion.  Have about 1 full year to do as much as we can before the big 50th.
8/4:  Decided to list any problem addresses as I get them.  Had 2 letters returned:  Barbara (Bush) Daria - "insufficient address" -  I had  Red Mills Road, Mahopac, NY  10541;   and  Anita (Bloomer) Williams -  
"not deliverable as addressed" - I had    PO Box 120,  Mahopac Falls, NY   10542.    If anyone knows a current address(es), please let me know.  Thanks.
8/5: Dan "the Ace" Schaiewitz got right on the case, and got addresses.  Sometimes it pays off to know an ex-con.  Addresses have been edited in the website directory.
Got 2 more letters returned today as "undeliverable, unable to forward"  -  Allen Sparer, and Anne Marie Hildebrandt.  Anybody out there who knows about either Allen or Anne Marie, let me know.
8/6:  I found Allen (see directory).
8/7:  I actually had 1 response to the letters sent out last week.  It was from Chipper.  He added a note:
"Bob, what is E mail?"  I think some of you folks from down in the Mahopac area should encourage Chipper to enter the 21st century.  Let him know that even technologically challenged John Roger uses e-mail.
Diane (Opperman) Woermann sent picture below.  Therapy for Alan.  He's been doing sculptures for a few years now.  This one is named a "crocogator," and hopefully will still be on display during next year's reunion weekend.

                              Hey, you dang woodchuck, quit chuckin' my wood!