8/19:  I said that I'd get back with the response from the last group e-mail, and 1st "snail" mailing.  Thought what I would do is to list all of our class members, and indicate those who have responded.  This may take me a few days to complete, as it's a busy time of year (even for a retired person).  After I have completed the list,  I'd like those of you who visit the website, to remember, and follow up on what Mike Finnerty said at our 45th reunion - something to the effect that each of us should make it a point to work on people who are not here, and get them here for our 50th (didn't put it in quotes Mike, but I think that was the point you were making).  It's also important to remember those classmates who left us before graduation.  In just the past 3 months, we made contact with Jim Yager, and Kathi (Scanlon) Smith.  It will be with every one's help that we'll have a great turnout next August.
Key:  * = sent email or letter, and received a response;  ** = sent email or letter, was not "undeliverable," but have not received a response;  *** = have no information for, could not send an email or letter.
Below are responses received from the April 4th e-mail:
April 22:  Of 78 people contacted, only 23 responses (less than 1/3) after more than 2 weeks.  I know we can do better than that!
May 10:  Getting a little nervous with a lack of responses from quite a few classmates.
I was sure we'd have at least as many attending our 50th as we did our 45th, but that
isn't the case as of now.  Anybody out there that would like to pick a name or 2, and give a little bit of a prod, I'd appreciate your efforts.
June 5: Checks are due by June 30th for all of you who are planning to attend the Saturday night function at Putnam National - $70.00 per person - make out to:
MHS-45th Reunion
July 20:  Two weeks, 2 days to go.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Friday (informal)    Saturday (Put. Nat.)    Sunday Brunch
  *Gail (Anderson) Wuestenhoefer
 **David Ballard
  *Dan Baumgartner (2)                              yes                           yes*
  *Rosemarie (Blissard) Sarli               Rosemarie will not be attending the reunion
  *Anita (Bloomer) Williams                       yes                            no                         no
  *Jack Boyar                                         Jack will not be able to attend the reuniom
 **Joan (Branigan) Ackerly                    Joan will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Judy (Branigan) Campbell                      yes                            yes*                         yes
  *Anne (Breglia) Tacoma                           yes                            yes*                        yes
  *Barbara (Busch) Daria                         Barbara will not be attending the reunion
 **Sharon (Butironi) Gertin
  *Joe Carey                                            Joe will not be able to attend the reunion
***Minnie (Cargain) Frederickson
  *Mary Carpenter                                                                        yes*
  *Martha (Casagrande) Carey                         will not be able to attend
  *Bill Cassese    A strong possibility that Bill will attend.  Not 100% sure at this time
  *Bettie (Castegner) Montgomery              Yes                           No                             Yes
  *Clark Collins                                           Yes                          Yes*                        Yes
  *Pat (Comer) Mesa(2)                               Yes                          Yes*                        Yes
  *Carol (Courtney) Vicario
  *Liz (Coyle) Cargain                                  Liz will not be able to attend
  *Richard Curry                                      Richard will not be able to attend
  *Bob Decatur                                           Yes                           Yes*                        Yes
  *Barbara (DeLiso) Clark                        Barbara won't be able to attend                              
  *Marie (Deluca) Schmidt                       Maria won't be able to attend
  *Nancy (Depp) Cargain                         Nancy won't be able to attend
  *Pete DeWitt  -                                       Pete will not be able to attend the reunion
 **George Divine
  *Gary DuBowy
  *Betty (Erickson) Holman                      Betty will not be attending the reunion
  *Frank Ferrieri   -  Frank and his wife will be in Germany from end of May til October
  *Mike Finnerty(2)                                     Yes                          Yes*                         Yes
  *Jon Fluegel                                         Jon will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Elaine (Frost) Armistead                  Elaine will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Steve Furst                                             Steve will not be there                                         
  *Peter Gerard                                        Peter will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Kate (Goldstein) Conrad
  *Bill Goscinski                                                                        Yes*
  *Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur                 Yes                          Yes*                         Yes
 **Pat (Hall) Bauer
 **Turk Harley
  *Valerie (Hart) Esterly                            Yes                           Yes*                        Yes
  *Suzanna (Herzog) Sassoun                  Yes                           Yes                         Yes
***Anne Marie Hildebrandt
  *Anita (John) DeFrancesco(2)                Yes                           Yes*                         Yes
  *Marlene (Jurkovics) Camallo(2)            Yes                           Yes*                         Yes
***Rita Katz
  *Brent Lamour(2)                                                                   Yes* 
  *Leah (Knapp) McIntyre(2)                     Yes                           Yes*                         Yes (?)
  *Chris (Lacina) Dugas(2)                        Yes                           Yes*                         Yes
  *Gail (Langhorst) Hladky                      Gail is not sure at this point
  *Gary Lombardo (not interested)
  *Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead             Yes                           Yes*                           Yes
  *Phyllis (Luning) Mantovi                     Yes                           Yes*                           no
  *Ted Mallozzi                                       Yes
  *Joe Mantovi                                        Yes                           Yes*                           Yes
  *Bob Melzer                 Bob and Pat will be out of the country during that weekend
  *Margaret (Merritt) Goscinski                                                Yes*
  *Bob Molle                                           Yes                           Yes*                          Yes
  *Richard Mozer                      Richard will not be able to attend
  *Diana (Opperman) Woermann(2)        Yes                           Yes*                          Yes
  *Charles Patterson(2)                                                            Yes*
  *Pat (Rivenburg) Ingersoll(2)                                                 Yes*
  *John Roger(2)                                     Yes                            Yes*                          Yes
  *Mike Ryan
  *Roger Sable                               Roger will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Karen (Sambucci) Laub             Karen will not be able to attend the meunion
  *Kathi (Scanlon) Smith(2)                                                       Yes*
  *Dan Schaiewitz(2)                               Yes                            Yes*                         Yes
  *Paul Simone                                Paul will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Philip Sobel (Not interested)
  *Allen Sparer (Not interested)
  *Veronica (Sternberg) Kuck      Veronica will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Lynda (Stoll) J. McCagg
***Allan Stollen
  *Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet           Dot will not be able to attend                                    
  *George Swarm                               Yes                               Yes*                           Yes
  *Louis Sweet                                   Yes                                Yes*                           Yes
  *Charles Van Riper                                                               Yes* 
  *Anthony Vicario                                   Anthony will not be able to attend
  *Pat Vicario
***Behna Vogel
  *Bettie (Wilson) Kruel                Bettie will not be able to attend the reunion
  *Nina (Wolfson) Meyer
  *Jim Yager                                                Jim will not be able to attend
I apologize if I left out any name/s.  If I did, please get back to me.  Now is the time for you to pick a name, or two, and see if you can't make a contact. 
I will make an attempt to update the above list as I get responses. 
8/22: Well, here we go again.  Schaiewitz sends this pic of his "super senior agility."  I have a feeling that Valerie is responsible for this 'photo - shop'  rendition of  "in Dan's dream."  Is anybody buying this?  If so, I have a bridge for sale.  
8/31:  Dan's latest (see below).  Had an illusion, after a couple hours of riding, that the flagpole was a Coconut Palm.  Nilda tried to convince him that the "coconuts" he saw was really a flag.
He was arrested shortly after the picture was taken.