9/2: Just to bring everyone up-to-date - I've sent out a 3rd mailing via snail mail to those people without email, and from whom I have not heard after 2 other mailings.  This one had a "response slip", and addressed, stamped envelop.  I'll keep you informed as to the people who respond to this 3rd mailing (see list on page 14 of the website).  After about a month, I'll assume that those who have not responded, have no interest.  I won't attempt any more contacts, but will leave it up to any of you who choose to try and make contact.
Just a note toI know that you have email, but I have not had a confirmation of your email address.  I know that in some cases, due to certain settings, certain emails do not get through to the inbox.  If you haven't received any of the group emails from me within the past 2 months, could you get in touch with me?  Thanks.
All names that were above have been accounted for!  Super!!
Got together last night to celebrate Nilda's birthday.  Took boat down the East River from City Island to the Statue of Liberty, and back (great trip for anyone in the NYC area).  As usual, Ace Schaiewitz had his camera.
                   Talk about a bunch of pinheads!
And who took this picture?  Was it Nilda?  Was it Diana? Was it Rosemary?
Why, no!  It was taken by Whisper - who else?
I'll let Ace explain this to Nilda (Glad I don't have to). 
Turns out, Whisper was under-age, and (as usual) Dan was placed in handcuffs when we got back to the dock.
9/5: Time for some more nostalgia
I think, in our day, this was the Cobblestone Inn.
                   Anybody remember her?
         Anybody have pics from the good old days?  If so, send them via email, and I'll post.