What the heck is this clown up to now?
Picture below was taken 2 minutes later.  Might have guessed the police were somehow involved.  Haven't we seen this lady cop before? 
9/12:  It's been about 6 weeks since starting the "push" to the 50thLittle by little, I'm getting responses from classmates.  I'll wait a few more weeks to hear from the 3rd mailing before asking people to start trying to make contacts.  I've indicated on the list (page 14 of this website) a couple of people who have expressed no interest in the reunion.  I indicated that, just so people don't annoy them, as they've expressed that they do not want to receive any more information about it.  I respect their wishes, and I know you will as well.
Rose and I met with the catering manager at Putnam National.  We were both pleased with the facility.  Will keep you up-to-date on things as they develop.
9/13:  Well, another weekend; another bike ride; and here we go again.
Time for a "pit stop."  So what does he do?  Breaks into the historic Millwood train station from the days of the old Putnam Rail Line.  Moments later........... He's arrested again.  By the way, Ace, don't you think it's time to change that shirt?
9/20:  I learned today (well after the fact) that Clark Collins was in an auto accident this past March in St. Croix.  While still not recovered from injuries received then, he recently broke his hip.  When it rains, sometimes it pours! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, and that he'll be able to attend the reunion next year.  Give him a shout.  He'd probably enjoy hearing from you.   
9/25:  Received an email from Sue Roger today that John had shoulder surgery this past Wednesday.  Will be facing about 3 months in a sling, plus physical therapy.  Wish him all the best.  He'd probably enjoy hearing from you all. 
9/26:  I learned today that Pat (Comer) Mesa's mother passed away on September 15.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pat and the family.