June 5:  I received an email from Pete DeWitt.  He broke his right leg just above the ankle.  As if he didn't have enough to deal with.  He continues to maintain a positive attitude through all of this.  He might enjoy hearing from some of you.  Hope the healing process goes quickly, Pete.

June 30:  Well, we've reached the "deadline."  Still expecting a few check to come in.
Dan Schaiewitz has lined up a DJ for Saturday night.  God only knows what we may wind up with, but hopefully, he'll be entertaining, and play a lot of "our songs."  Still hoping we can coerce a few more people to attend both the Friday and Saturday night events.  Dan has been busy trying to change people's minds about attending.  Rose is sending out invitations to our teachers.  Hope to see some of them on Saturday, August 6th.
July 14:  A "pre-reunion reunion."  The Pritchets, Woermanns, and McIntyres got together
recently - see pic below:

July 25:  Just about a week and a half 'til our reunion weekend.  Our numbers for Friday night at Four Brothers is a little low.  If you know of anyone in the area who you think might like to join us, feel free to invite them.  Let me know, as I need to give the Restaurant a count before hand.  Rose and I are looking forward to seeing you.