11/12:  Day after Veteran's Day dinner/dance.  Against our better judgement, we got together with a number of '61 classmates for the annual event.  To make matters even worse, it was held in our own home town of Patterson.  Not sure if Rose and I will be able to walk around town with our heads held high any more.
     The band was great, playing all selections from the big bands of the '30's and 40's.

Be honest now.  How would you like to have these two in your party?  Nilda is fine, but Dan in a grass skirt?

What is it with these two?  Everywhere we go they turn it
into American Bandstand.  Also - - - What's with all the keys? 
                         The whole crew
       Early in the evening.  (real men don't wear leis)
                   Later on in the evening.
Of course, whereever you find Tony, "you know who" won't be far away.
As we've come to expect - on the way out, Dan spotted this vintage WWII weapons carrier, and climbed aboard.     And, as we've also come to expect - - - - -
                       Dan was arrested!