Starting to post pictures from our reunion weekend.  If you have some good ones, don't hesitate to e-mail them (please send as a jpeg).  Need a good group picture if somebody has one.
                                           Well, we almost got everyone in thisone                                               
     Smile, Ace.  You're on Candid Camera.
Our honored guests (Vic Rossi, and Reno and Inez Veschi)
                 Bettie, Judy, and Evelyn
                         Bob and Pat
      Dr. John made it back from Europe
                   Barbara and Everett 
I know.  Dan and Lori didn't get married at the reunion, but I lost the pic that was here.  Sorry
                   Anthony and Lorraine
                        Betty and Judy
         Bill and Margaret           Tom Kuck
                          Carol and Pat
                          Chris and Dave
                          Gail and Harold
                        Marlene and Ken
                       Sue, John, Allan, and Diana
That's strange.  I don't remember Ace being arrested at the reunion!
                     Ethlyn, Mike, Joe and Phyllis
Joe is telling Charles: "Psst!  We don't wear things like that around here!"
                                 Mario and Pat
                              Paul and his date
                                   Jim and Pat
                     Lillian and Steve
                      Barbara and Richard
                            Anita and Anthony
            Kate Lamour             Sandy Van Riper
                            Dot and Walt
                     Liz, Rose, Elaine, and Veronica
                                Leah and Jim
                           Class of 1948