I thought it would be important to add this page to our website, so that we don't forget those in our class who have passed on.  They are all a part of our history, and I'm sure we all have fond memories.  A couple of weeks ago. Rose and I attended our granddaughter's high school graduation.  Her graduation class was not much larger than our's at MHS in '61.  The keynote speaker was a successful journalist, who was a graduate of that same school, and his message stressed the importance of the bonds that were formed while he went through elementary, junior, and senior high in that district, and how much they meant to him in acheiving the success he has had in his career, and his life in general.  To say the least, his message to my granddaughter's classmates, also hit home to me.     

                                                   In Memorium

Kenny Bonnes                      Suzanna Herzog

Ron Drumme                         George "Chipper" Swarm

Jimmy Harbourne                 Louis Sweet

Doug Ingersoll                      Bob Melzer
Ray Jacomine                       Phillip Deluca

Valerie Mascary                    Carol Courtney

Betty Jean Oakley                George Divine

John Steiner                         Pat Hall

Lynda Stoll                            Evelyn Lundelius

 Marina Tanzosch                 Betty Jo Castegner                                                                                                  
 Rosalia Walsh                      Bill Goscinski

Judy Wojtowicz         

Pauline Mulder

Will Benedict

Diana Opperman

Pat Vicario

Barbara Bush

Minnie Cargain

Peter Dewitt

Still no word as to the where-abouts of:

Behna Vogel

     Reggie Deinhardt

          Allan Stollen

                    Lynn Hurley

                              Walter Lippman

                                   Joe Petrizzo

                                        Manny Moniz

                                             Phil Deluca


Anybody else?