2/14:  A Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, and an especially nice day for Anne, and Ted and Lou Ann.

I'm really enjoying the Georgia atmosphere, and how it has really stimulated so much natural hair growth.  I may have to establish permanent residency down here.
2/25:  Received an email from Charlie V.R.  He got word that one of our former teachers, Dorothy Simpson, is living in Chapel Hill, NC, and still doing well at age 96.  As many of us had Mrs. Simpson for at least 1 math class, she might enjoy getting a card, or note from you.  Her address is:
Ms. Dorothy Simpson
Carol Woods Apartment 5102
750 Weaver Dairy Road
Chapel Hill, NC     27514
     I think I can speak for most retired (or not retired) teachers in saying that it's always nice to hear from former students.  I'm sure she would be delighted to hear from you.
Happy Anniversary to Nina and Lou.
3/5:  Well, we weren't able to attract a lot of people for our "southern reunion," but we did attract quality people.  We got together at the Bahama Breeze Restaurant in Orlando, and came back to our time share in Kissimmee.  See pic below:
Left to right: Alan Woermann, Diana Woermann, Bob Decatur, Rosemary Decatur, Dot Pritchet, and Walt Pritchet.  And, a happy B-day to my bride.
3/12:  Nina - Happy B-Day!
3/19:  Congratulations to Mario & Pat.  Not sure how many yrs.
3/20:  Happy spring equinox.  Got an email from Mike Finnerty today with a pic attached from their trip to India.
3/28:  Rose and I , along with John and Sue Roger, got together at Christine and Dave Dugas' home this past Tuesday.  The food and the company were both fantastic!  Glad to report that John is coming along nicely with his "new knees."  We'll give John a few more months, and then we'll organize a "dance-off" between he and Mike Finnerty  (Mike got a new hip last September).

4/11:  A group of us got together at "Joe Willey's Fish Shack" up in Fishkill.  This place will be featured on the Food Network's show, "Restaurant Impossible" This Sunday night, 3/14 @ 10:00 p.m.  We are lucky to have gone there after the "rehabilitation."  The food and company were both very good. 
From Left to right: Diana Woermann, Alan Woermann, Sue Roger, Slim Roger,
Dave Dugas, Christine Dugas, Rosemary Decatur, and Bob Decatur.  By the way, that is not wine in the picture, it's grape juice.  What was it you said, "Slim", you lost 60 pounds?  Way to go!
Oops.  Almost forgot - Thanks, Chris, for organizing this outing! 
4/13:  A Happy Birthday (soon) to my "partner in crime", Valerie.  You and Anne have a good time (Anne is visiting from NY).