710:  Hi all.  I'm back after quite a bit of time off.  Sorry to those of you who use the website for info.  Fact is, In January, I was diagnosed with cancer in my mouth, and all my priorities changed.  I went through 7 weeks of radiation, and chemo, and am still waiting for results.  I have my PET scan to see the results later this month.
   Since all this started, I've missed quite a few birthdays and anniversaries.  Sorry to those of you I missed, but best wishes to all of you.
   This month, we have 3 anniversaries - Happy anniversary wishes to Charlie and Sandy Van riper, Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty, and Charlie and Linda Patterson.
   We have 3 birthdays as well-  Happy birthday to Leah (Knapp) Mcintyre, Joe Mantovi, and Betty (Castegner) Montgomery.  Many returns.   

7/11:  I just learned recently that Betty Jo (Castegner) Montgomery passed away on June 30th after a bout with cancer.  Keep her in your thoughts, and prayers.

8/03:  We have 3 birthdays, and 1 anniversary this month.  Celebrating their anniversary are John and Sue Roger.  May you celebrate many more to come.  Birthdays this month are Charlie Patterson, Rosemarie Sarli, and Dan Schaiewitz.  Happy birthday, and may you all have many returns.

   I had some good news.  I had my full body scans last week, and my oncologist declared me to be cancer free.