9/5:  Here we are past Labor Day, and summer is on the wane (although you wouldn't know it from the outdoor temps).  We have one anniversary, and 1 birthday.  Walt and Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet are celebrating an anniversary; and Charlie Van Riper has a birthday.  Congratulations, Dot and Walt, and to Charlie, many returns.

11/6:  Received an email from Charlie Patterson inquiring as to why there hasn't been anything on the website for the past 2 months.  My only excuse is that I got sidetracked since my knee surgery on September 13th.  Concentrating on rehabbing my knee.  Sorry everyone.
 During the month of October we had just one anniversary - Kathy (Scanlon) and Richard Smith.  Congratulations to you both.

November brings a no. of birthdays and anniversaries:  For birthdays, we have: Christine (Lacina) Dugas, Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet, Nancy (Depp) Cargain, Clark Collins, Ted Mallozzi, and Phyllis (Lunning) Mantovi.  Congrats to you all, and many returns.
For anniversaries: Dan and Lori Baumgartner, and Joe and Phyllis.  Congratulations to you, also.

Hope to keep up with the website, but if I don't, send an email, and get on my case.

12/9: For December, we have 2 birthdays, and 2 anniversaries.  Celebrating birthdays, are Marlene (Jurkovics) Camallo, and yours truly.  
For anniversaries, we have Marlene and Ken Camallo, and Bob and Rosemary Decatur.
December is a busy month for the Camallos, and Decaturs. 

From our house to yours - Wishing for you the best for the holiday season, and for a happy and healthy 2019.  Bob and Rosemary

Dec. 16:  Got together with Dan and Nilda for a "Bluegrass Brunch" @ Daryl's House in Pawling, NY.
                                                      Cool western hats