1/6: Happy New Year!  Here's hoping 2019 is a healthy and happy year for us all.  We have 2 birthdays for the month - Happy birthday to Dan Baumgartner, and Mike Finnerty.  Many returns for both of you.

Heard some sad news in starting out the year.  Carol (Courtney) Vicario passed away.  Do not have any details. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

2/5:  Here we are in February.  We have 2 anniversaries, and 1 birthday.  A happy birthday to Anne (Breglia) Tacoma.  Many returns, Anne.  Ted and Lou Ann Malozzi, and Nina (Wolfson) and Lou Meyer are celebrating anniversaries this month.  Happy anniversary to you all.

Rose and I are south.  On our trip we visited with Dot (Stolzenberger) and Walt Pritchett.  We also spent time with Leah (Knapp) and Jim McIntyre.  Hope to see Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty later this month.

3/16:  Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Over half way through the month, and I finally woke up to the fact that I hadn't posted birthdays, of which we have 2 this month - Nina (Wolfson) Meyers, and Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur.  Happy birthday to you both, and many returns.  No anniversaries that I'm aware of.  Spring can't be far away.  Need to get rid of the rest of our last remaining snow.

4/12:  Once again, I'm behind with the website.  We have just one birthday this month.  Valerie is once again turning 39 years old.  Happy birthday, Valerie, and many returns.

5/2:  Not too bad for this month. We have just 2 birthdays this month.  John Roger and Kathy (Scanlon) Smith.  Happy birthday to both of you, and many returns.

5/21:  Heard from both Alan Woermann and Rose Sarli that George Divine passed away.  No details.  If I get any, I'll pass them on.

5/30: Got together on Memorial Day with Ace and Nilda Schaiewitz.

6/17:  Received word from Rose Sarli that Pat (Hall) Bauer passed away earlier this month.  Rose and I have been away, so could not post earlier.  Our thoughts are with Pat's family.

7/8:  Sorry, but I missed the birthdays and anniversaries for the month of June, and there were several.  Happy belated birthday to Leah, Joe Mantovi, and Betty Montgomery.  Many returns for each of you.  Happy anniversary to Charlie and Sandy Van Riper, Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty, and Charles and Linda Patterson.
For July, Happy birthday to Pat (Comer) Mesa,  Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead, and Judy and Joan Brannigan.  Many returns to all of you.  
Rose and I have also picked a date for the annual reunion picnic.  It will be on Saturday, August 10th.  If you are in the area, consider coming here for the picnic.  It's always great to see everyone, and get caught up.  If you can make it, please RSVP to my email - 

7/25:  Headline in the Putnam County Courier - July 23rd edition:

           Former Mahopac Resident Recalls Work for  
          Space Program; 
                    'Proud to Be an American'
As you have probably already guessed, it's an article about our classmate Dan Schaiewitz.

Here's Dan testing the space suit 50 years ago at Kennedy Space Center.
  Here's Dan today, reflecting back on the events in 1969.
 Way to go, Dan.  You make us all proud to be your classmates.  Oh, did I mention Dan is writing a book about his work with NASA and the Apollo Program?