Some more pictures sent in by Allan Woermann below:
   Tony and Anita at the Town Historical Society museum.  Tony is pointing out his wrestling tights from 1959.
   Bob Molle is lecturing John Roger as to proper behavior in public.  Sue listens intently.
                                      Hail, Hail, the gang's all here.
                       Anita wondering how she can get rid of this guy.
                                         Sue greeting Chris and Dave.
                                               Rosemary and Christine.
 9/6:  We are into September, and we have one birthday.  Happy birthday, and many returns to Charlie Van Riper.

  10/14: Here it is about the middle of the month, and I haven't posted birthdays and anniversaries.  If it wasn't for Dan Schaiewitz, I'd be even more delinquent.  We don't have any birthdays that I'm aware of, and just one  anniversary.  Happy anniversary to Kathi (Scanlon) and Richard Smith.  May you have many more to come.

10/30:  Just so I don't get scolded by Ace Schaiewitz, I decided to post November birthdays and anniversaries early.  Celebrating November birthdays are: Christine (Lacina) Dugas, Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet,
Nancy (Depp) Cargain, Clark Collins, Ted Mollozzi, and Phyllis (Lunning)
Mantovi.  Happy birthday to all of you, and many happy returns.
Celebrating anniversaries are: Dan and Lori Baumgartner, and Joe and Phyllis Mantovi.  May you have many more to come.
And, while I'm here, Happy Halloween!

12/5:  For the month of December, we have 2 birthdays, and 3 anniversaries.  Celebrating birthdays are Marlene (Jurkovics) Camallo, and Bob Decatur.  Celebrating anniversaries are Marlene and Ken Camallo, Clark and Joanne Collins, and Bob and Rosemary Decatur.
Hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season.  It certainly has to be better than last year's.  Keep away from omicron.

12/29:  Group got together at Daddyo's in Hopewell Junction to welcome
Dot Pritchet who came up from Florida to visit family.  It was great seeing everyone, and getting caught up. 

  From lower left  Phyllis, Liz (Coyle) Cargain, Veronica, Sue Roger, John Roger, Joe Mantovi,  Bob Decatur, Rosemary, and Dot.