May 27:

       He will be missed - John Steiner - 1944 - 2008
June 11: Got an e-mail today from Dan Baumgartner.  Attached were 3 songs from his group called "Nuns For Fun."  They were sent in to "YouTube" by someone unknown.  Check them out -  Go to  You  When you get there, type in Nuns For Fun in the search box, and press search.  Dan is guitarist towards the right - Now you know what the Syncopated Seven prepared Dan B. for.  When is the show coming east, Dan?
June 12:  Look at this clown below.  Is it any wonder we're not allowed in any of the finer restaurants in Mahopac any more?  Nilda, when did you lose control?
August 23: "Class get-together":
From left:  Judy (Brannigan) Campbell; Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead; Jim and Leah (Knapp) McIntyre;
Dan Schaiewitz; Anita (John) DeFrancesco; Mario and Pat (Comer) Mesa; Alan and Diane (Opperman)
Woermann; Nilda Schaiewitz; John and Sue Roger; Rosemary (Hadden) and Bob Decatur
Rose begins to threaten, and take control of the unruly
John wants to know if he's having a good time yet.
Diane is not thrilled with Alan's antics, and insists on his
Pat does an excellent job of covering up Mario's
"wine-dyed" shirt and pants.
Anita offers a seminar on scrap-booking in order to bring a little sense of civility to the gathering.  While Judy, Evelyn, and Diane became engrossed in the subject, Alan continued to play the role of the "class clown," and was given a 30 minute time out.
Mario offers to "wine-dye" Nilda's blouse to match his, but she will have none of his shenanigans, and threatens a frontal lobotomy.
Dan attempts to make up with Nilda after he spiked her wine with Splenda.   It was only moments later that he was once again arrested by an ATF agent.
Jim and Leah still enjoying the campfire - They have been in the same spot since August '07.  Must be some kind of fetish!
Rose and I certainly enjoyed seeing everyone again.  Hopefully, with all the '61 classmates still in the area, we'll have more people join us next summer.
September 16:  With the summer of '08 coming to an end in a few days, some of us got together for another mini-reunion.  First of the "snow birds" to head south will be Leah and Jim, this coming Saturday.