12/6:  Can't believe I've let things slide for a couple of months.  Missed Kathy and Richards's anniversary in October, and Dan and Lori, and Joe and Phyllis' anniversaries in November.  Happy belated anniversary to the 3 couples.
Also missed Christine's, Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet's, Nancy (Depp) Cargain's, Clark's, Ted Mollozzi's, and Phyllis' birthdays in November.  Happy belated birthday to you all, and many returns.
For the month of December, we have Marlene's birthday, as well as yours truly.  Also, 3 anniversaries:  Clark and Joanne, Marlene and Ken, and Rosemary and I.

Allow me to also wish you all the best for the holiday season.

Small gathering at Villa Nigrella in Hopewell Junction, NY.  Good food.  Good company.
left to right: Rosemary, John Roger, Sue Roger, Dave Dugas, Christine Dugas, Bob Decatur.

1/7:  Happy New Year to all.  Just 2 birthdays this month:  Happy birthday to Mike Finnerty, and Dan Baumgartner.  Many returns.
1/9:   Got together with Dan and Nilda.  Haven't seen them for quite a while.
1/24: 3/4 of the Branson gang meet up in Orlando for a reunion.
From left to right:  Walt Pritchett, Rosemary Decatur,  Dot Pritchett, Jim McIntyre, and Leah McIntyre.
1/25:  More pics of the "Branson Gang" in Orlando.

                                          Mini golf:  Walt, Jim, Bob, Leah, and Dot.
                                             Birthday dinner for Walt's 75th.
                                       ​​"Official" picture of the Branson Gang.

                                       Al and Valerie joined us for the day on Friday.
Got together with Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty for lunch on Hilton Head Island.  Has become an annual event.  Great to see them again.