8/19: Rose and I recently returned from a cruise around the British Isles.
We would both highly recommend.    
Would you believe that when we went to dinner for the first night, not only were we seated with Dot and Walt, but with Pete and Carolyn, who are also from Palm Coast, FL. and know Dot and Walt.  No one knew that the others were even on the same cruise.  Will wonders ever cease?
                            We even got a glimpse of "Nessie."
Our corn actually survived in our absence without being attacked by wildlife. 
Would you believe this?  To celebrate his 70th birthday, Ace Schaiewitz went for a bike ride with Nilda.  He took along a bunch of "birthday balloons," and proceeded to stop people along the bike trail asking for donations.  
Certainly, by now, you know the outcome:
                         Yup - Arrested!
9/4:  Rose was talking with Dot Pritchet recently, and found that Dot had a heart attack a few weeks back.  We were glad to hear that she is home and doing well.  
Found this Gray Tree Frog on a tomato a few days ago.  He is a juvenile, and the green color on top blended in perfectly with the tomato before it was ripe.  Unfortunately, no one told him he now sticks out like a sore thumb on the ripe tomato.  They normally blend in perfectly with their background.