Sept. 2:  It is September already.  We have 2 anniversaries, and one birthday.  Congratulations to Rose (Blissard) and Ricky Sarli, and Dot and Walt Pritchett who are celebrating anniversaries this month.  Happy birthday to Charlie Van Riper - many returns.

Sept. 23:  A.W. Schaiewitz is offering his services at a reduced rate for the month of October.  Those of you who attended the picnic probably get the meaning of this.
How about that.  His services with a smile.  Does it get any better?
Looks like he has plenty of inventory in stock.
10/22:  Pictures from celebrating Nilda Schaiewitz's 39th birthday aboard the Rip Tide out of City Island.  
         The birthday girl, and yours truly.
 The "crew":  Left - right: Bob Decatur; Rosemary Decatur; Leah (Knapp) McIntyre;
Jim McIntyre; Dan Schaiewitz; Nilda Schaiewitz.
                            Was on 9/10.  Beams of light representing the twin towers.
                                     Rosemary, Jim McIntyre, and Leah.
                                              Good old A.W. (sans TP)