12/1:  We have 2 birthdays, and 3 anniversaries for the month of December.
Celebrating birthdays are Marlene (Jurkovics) Camallo and yours truly.
Celebrating anniversaries are Marlene (Jurkovics) and Ken Camallo, Clark and Joanne Collins, and Bob and Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur.
May we all have many returns.

12/16:  Got an email from Mike Finnerty.  He in Ethlyn were in California recently, and got together with Bill Cassesse.  He included the picture below:

Little more fuzz on the face than I remember, but that's Bill.  Thanks for sending, Mike.

1/11:  Here we are approaching mid-January, and I haven't posted a thing.  Needless to say, we've been busy.  
First of all, a Happy New Year to everyone.  Let's hope 2016 is a year of good health, peace, and happiness.
We have two birthdays this month (one has already gone by):  Mike Finnerty, and Dan Baumgartner.  Happy birthday to you both, and many returns.

2/3:  This month, Ted and Lou  Ann Mallozzi, and Nina (Wolfson) and Lou Meyer are celebrating anniversaries.  Happy anniversary to you.
Anne (Breglia) Tacoma is celebrating her birthday.  Many returns to you, Anne.

On our trip south, Rose and I stopped by Palm Coast to visit with Dot and Walt (the great Habib) Pritchet.  Always good to see them.
3/1:  We have 2 birthdays this month - Nina (Wolfson) Meyer, and Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur.  Happy birthday to you both, and many returns!

3/4:  We had Dot (Stolzenberger) and Walt Pritchet here for lunch today.  It was great to see, and spend time with them.  Sorry, no picture, but can report that they both look great.

3/15:  For the 55th reunion - I haven't done anything along the lines of planning something "big" for this summer.  Rose and I are once again planning to have a reunion picnic this summer.  This is not to discourage anyone else who might like to plan something.  Don't feel like you'd be stepping on my toes.
If I don't hear from someone, I'll get back with a date for the picnic.
Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day (but not too much).

3/27:  Very sorry to report that we lost our classmate, Suzanna Herzog Sassoun.
She passed away after a battle with cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers are for the family.

4/14:  Late again for April (what else is new?).  We have one birthday, and no anniversaries for this month.  So, Valerie (Hart) Esterly, this month is all yours.  Have a very happy birthday, and many returns!