12/6:  Leah organized a 2nd annual Christmas outing to the Westchester Dinner Theater in Elmsford.  If Rose's camera behaves, pics will appear below.  Thanks for organizing this, Leah!

    Bob and Rosemary Decatur, Sue and John Roger, Leah and Jim McIntyre,  Chris and Dave Dugas.
Only 1 pic from the evening.  Since our official photographer for the class of '61 has not attended the last 2 events, there has been a shortage of pictures.  At least my finger has been getting a rest.
The show,Miracle on 34th Street, was very good, and enjoyed by all.    
A few Putnam holiday scenes below.  No ice cover on any of the ponds or lakes, and no snow cover.  Not like "the good old days."  
                                              At the Chamber Park in Mahopac, across from the old Big Top
                                 Along the shore of Lake Gleneida in Carmel
                  Approaching Brewster from the east on Rte. 6
12/26:  With the whole clan gathering here this coming Saturday to celebrate Christmas, Rose and I headed to mid town Manhattan yesterday.  Did this 2 years ago, but not nearly as crowded as it was this year.
2012 edition Rockefeller Center tree (sorry for lack of color, but we were there @1:00 p.m.)
 Also, got to see some of the store windows.  Macy's was the most impressive with the theme "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." 
 Rose led me on a forced march.  Fortunately, there was a miracle on 34th street, and somebody put out a bunch of chairs and tables.