7/22:  As usual, Ace brought his camera to the reunion picnic.
On the left - front to back:  Rosemary Decatur, Bob Decatur, Dave Dugas,
Christine Dugas, Tony DeFrancisco, Anita DeFrancisco, Leah McIntyre.
On the right - front to back:  Jim McIntyre, Sue Roger, John Roger,
Dan Schaiewitz, Nilda Schaiewitz, Alan Woermann, Diana Woermann
    From the other end of the table.  Do I spy a few uninvited guests?
       Goooooooooood food!
​                            I've had it with that damned camera.  I'm out of here!
And, of course, there  was the annual campfire.  Geez, Dan, one second later in snapping this pic, you would have gotten the bat flying across the moon.
Wait a second, is that a Red Solo Cup I see in my chair's cup holder?
8/18:  I've been out of touch for a few weeks.  Want to mention anniversaries and birthdays for July & August - 
During the month of July, birthdays were celebrated by Pat Mesa, Diana Woermann, Evelyn Armistead, and Judy and Joan - our class twins.  I'm going to assume that they all turned the big "7- 0."

During August, John and Sue Roger celebrated their 45th on the 4th of the month;  both Dan Schaiewitz and Rosemarie Sarli celebrate their 70th birthdays; and Charlie Patterson hit his 71st.  Congratulations to you all!
Sorry I was late for the July dates!