11/27:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  
Got word that Pat (Comer) Mesa is going to be publishing a book.  Title will be "Conversations with Gracie."  She forwarded a few pics from the book.  Good luck with the book, Pat.

 !2/5:  Into the month of December already.  Hard to get into the holiday spirit without having had any snow.  Did get going on outdoor decorations though.  Have 2 birthdays this month, and 3 anniversaries.
Both Marlene, and yours truly will celebrate hitting the big 7-0; and Marlene and Ken, Clark and Joanne, and Rosemary and I will celebrate anniversaries.

12/18:  Just found out, we have two other birthdays this month - Pat (Comer) Mesa, and Betty (Erickson) Holman.  Happy birthday to both of you!

12/20:  Got some pics from Charlie Van Riper of his 1st grandson - Charles Van Riper V.  Does he look familiar?
Where's his saxophone?  Don't tell me he hasn't started taking lessons yet.