7/23:  Got together with Ace, and his bride, Nilda last night at Empire City for dinner, and some slot play.  Was good seeing them again.
8/5:  Here we are in August, and I'm late again.  We have  one anniversary, and 3 birthdays.  Happy anniversary to John and Sue Roger.  A happy birthday to Dan Schaiewitz, Charlie Patterson, and Rosemarie (Blizzard) Sarli.  Many returns to  each of you.

8/13:  Day after reunion picnic.  Great seeing everyone again.  Lots of laughs, good food, and enjoyed getting caught up.    Hopefully, pictures will be forthcoming.  Waiting for our "class photographer" to send.

Cast of characters:

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                           Chris and Dave
                           Anita and Tony
                              Jim McIntyre
                            Dan* and Nilda
                            My bride and me
* By the way, Dan is no longer known as "Ace," but from here on to be known as "Ass Wipe."
                   Good food, good company.
The girls, and Tony, decide to moon the photographer (at least as much as they dared).
The campfire has become a tradition.  we were lucky that the predicted rain never appeared.
                     Hey, Ass Wipe!  Leave me alone.  Can't you see I'm drinking here!