8/13:  Well, it's been a week since our 50th.  Word has it that Valerie tried to "sneak" back quietly into the State of Florida.  Unfortunately for her, the authorities were waiting for her:

Aug. 15:  Didn't anyone else take pictures during the reunion weekend?  If so, send them to my email address so we can all enjoy them.

August 21: FYI - After all expenses were paid from the reunion weekend, there was $200.00 left in the reunion account.  That amount was donated to the Carmel Historical Society in the name of MHS Class of 1961.  It was earmarked to provide a display case for Anthony DeFrancesco's 1955 blue satin gym shorts, which were among the earliest designs of the Richard Simmon's workout collection. 

Sept. 5:  Well, here we are on Labor Day looking at the unofficial end of summer.  We survived Irene, and trust that all of you did as well (at least I haven't heard otherwise).  It was a very busy summer for us, and now involved with canning and freezing produce from the vegetable garden.  Doesn't get much more boring than that, does it?  Oh well, it's all worth it during the long winter months.

  We had Dan and Nilda over for dinner last week.  Dan is waiting to hear from QVC as to when his product will be aired again.  I'll let you all know when I hear from Dan.  My "lease" for the website ran out at the end of August, but I renewed it for another year.  At that point next year, I'll have to make a decision as to whether I want to continue to have the class website, or not.  I don't mind paying for it, but would hope to have more people contributing to it.

  I know that people are going places, getting together with other classmates, doing things of interest, adding to their family with new grandchildren, etc., etc., etc.  As the purpose of the website is to keep the class "informed" about each other, I'd like to hear from you, so I can "publish it" here for others to see.  I've been a good customer, and have unlimited space, so pictures are no longer an issue.  Don't feel shy about letting us all know what's going on in your lives.  After all, who knows when we'll all get together again.  I've already put in for a 75th reunion at Somers Manor Nursing Home in August of 2036, but who knows how many of us will still be around.  We've proven to be a pretty close knit group for a lot of years.  Let's keep in touch for the duration!  Email me with your news!!!!!!   My email address is: rdecatur@comcast.net 

Sept. 6:  Well, somebody got the message.  Valerie emailed pictures of hergreat-granddaughter, Makenna.  Congratulations Valerie.
Valerie's grandson, granddaughter-in law, and Makenna at her baptism.
Also heard from Marlene.  She and Ken will be heading out to the Tetons in Wyoming for the last 2 weeks of this month.  Then, off to Barcelona the end of October, followed by transatlantic cruise back to New Orleans.  I expect pictures for proof, Marlene!
Sept. 8:  Heard from Anne Tacoma, Her second grandchild was born on Sept. 1 - Mia Cegielski.  Congratulations Anne.
Sept. 13:  Weekend of 9/11 - one of remembrance:
Went to the Army game on Saturday.  A lot of heroes from 9/11/01 were present, and introduced.  Rudy Giuliani gave an inspirational talk at halftime.
                                Of course the flags were flown everywhere, including the largest of them all.
On Sunday, we went will Dan, Nilda, Alan and Diana on the Rip Tide III from City Island, down the East River to the southern end of Manhattan.  The Empire State Bldg. was decked out in red, white and blue.  Nothing beats the New York skyline. 
The new tower, under construction, was also decked out with red, white, and blue, and the lights representing the twin towers were particularly spectacular due to the low cloud cover that night.
                                          No title needed here.
                                             Always the clown!
                                                                        All Aboard!
Hey, you two.  You're in public!  Where's a bucket of cold water when you need one!
                         The birthday girl.  Happy 39th!
      Didn't I see this same pose at the reunion?
                     What the heck was in those chips?
Nothing like a couple of "cellos" to kick off a celebration.
A good time was had by all.  A weekend we won't forget.  I went on line to the memorial website on Monday, and got our reservations to visit the memorial on November 2.  Looking forward to it.
Upon our arrival back to the dock, we witnessed Valerie getting arrested.  Apparently she was a stow-away.  She must be related, somehow, to Dan.