2/17:  Here it is over half way through February, and finally getting around to posting birthdays and anniversaries:We have one birthday, and 2 anniversaries:  Happy birthday to Anne (Breglia) Tacoma.  Many returns.  Happy anniversary to Ted and LouAnne Mallozzi, and to Nina (Wolfson) and Lou Meyer.

3/9:  Late again.  Getting to be a habit.  I'll blame it on all the snow.  Anyhow, we have two birthdays this month - Nina (Wolfson) Meyer, and Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur.  Happy birthday to both of you, and many returns.

4/6:  Late again, but what else is new?  We have just one birthday this month - it's my partner in crime, Valerie.  happy 39th, Valerie, and many returns.

Heard some sad news today.  Rose (Blissard) Sarli's husband, Ricky, passed away this morning.  I don't know any details.
Our thoughts and prayers are for Rose and the family.

5/8:  We have two birthdays for the month of May - John Roger, and Kathy (Scanlon) Smith.  Happy birthday to you both, and many returns.

6/5:  June brings us a number of anniversaries and birthdays.  Celebrating anniversaries are Charlie and Sandy Van Riper, Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty, and Charles and Linda Patterson.  Congratulations to all of you.  Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, Joe Mantovi, and Betty (Castegner) Montgomery, are celebrating birthdays.  Happy birthday, and many returns.

7/10:  Late again, but what else is new?  We have some birthdays this month.  Pat (Comer) Mesa, Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead, and our twins, Judy and Joan (Brannigan).  Happy birthday, and many returns.

Also, we have finally been able to come up with a date for this summer's reunion picnic.  It will be on Sunday, August 26.  As usual, bring a dish to share, and your choice of beverage.  Start time will be 2:00.  Please let us know if you will be able to attend.

8/14:  Here we are half way through August.  This month we have 1 anniversary, and 3 birthdays.  Happy anniversary to John and Sue Roger, and happy birthday to Charles Patterson, Rose (Blissard) Sarli, and Dan Schaiewitz.  Many returns for you all.
Hope to see a good group for the reunion picnic next weekend.

8/27: Had the Class of 61 reunion picnic yesterday.  It was great getting together again.  Pictures to follow. 

      Why don't you two get a room!
                Alan Woermann
                 Bob and Rosemary
               Dan and Nilda
                      Tony and Anita
                Phyllis and Joe
                    Jim and Leah
​                     John and Sue
                                       John, Tony, and Joe
 Rose's cousin, Robin, joined the party.
      Even a 75th birthday cake for all.
                               The crew enjoying the food.
  The official 57th reunion picture (unfortunately, a couple of people were cut out - sorry Sue Roger, and Robin.  I can't even say that the photographer had too many limoncellos).
                         Always the clown!
By the way, I would be remiss if I did not thank Ace Schaiewitz for all that he does for each of our reunions - the reunion sign, balloons, and this year, the "demon drone" that acted as an associate photographer.  Thanks, Dan!