12/29:  Received some sad news today.  We lost two of our former teachers:  Mr. Reno Veschi, and Mr. Bill Orford.  Both were in their 90's.
Mr. Veschi will be waked at the Joseph Smith Funeral Home in Mahopac on December 30, 2 - 4, and 7 - 9.
Mr. Orford will be waked at Cargain Funeral Home in Mahopac on January 9, 6 - 8 p.m.

12/31:  Received an email that Barbara (Bush) Daria passed away on December 21.  No services planned.  Rest in peace, Barbara.  Lots of sad news to end 2014.  Hope for only good news in 2015.

1/12:  Rose and I went to Bill Orford's wake on Friday.  Lots of good memories about both of the Orfords.  Saw a number of Mahopac High School alums that many of you remember.  Of course, Janice and Billy Orford were there.  Also saw John Miller, John and Darlene (Hill) Lampe, Anita and Tony Defrancesco, Billy Spain, David Kellogg, and Isabelle Coelho.  I'm sure there were many more who attended at a different time, or at the funeral service the following day.

Leaving for the south tomorrow.  Hoping to get together with Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty while we're on Tybee Island.  Anybody have any news you'd like to share?  Don't hesitate to email me.

1/28:  Been without computer for a while.  Arrived on Tybee Island today.  Had good visits with Jim and Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, and Walt and Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet while in Florida.  Stopped in Cape Canaveral.  Went to the Post Office to mail some cards, and lo and behold, there's Ace Schaiewitz' s picture on the wall - an A.P.B. searching for him from a caper he pulled back in the 70's.  I asked if there was a reward, but they weren't sure, so I didn't give them his current address.  He owes me big time!
Hoping to get together with Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty before they take off on their next journey.
Anyone out there have any news?  Don't be shy.  Email me -

                   Uh, Oh.  Looks like they got him!
2/3:  Received an email from Pat (Comer) Mesa with her new address.  Please check the directory website.

2/11:  Had a very nice visit with Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty over on Hilton Head Island yesterday.  Glad to report they are both doing well.  They are getting ready for their next big journey, which will take them to Japan, Thailand, and Myanmar (formerly Burma).  Mike hinted that there may be a chance they can attend the annual reunion picnic this summer.  Hope to see them then.  Once again, I forgot to bring my phone/camera, thus no pictures.

3/10:  Once again, I'm behind on birthdays and anniversaries.  In January, we had 2 birthdays:  Mike Finnerty, and Dan Baumgartner.
In February, we had one birthday - Anne (Breglia) Tacoma, and 2 anniversaries - Ted and Lou Ann Mallozzi, and Nina (Wolfson) and Lou Meyer.
For the month of March, Nina celebrates a birthday, and Pat (Comer) and Mario Mesa celebrate their anniversary.
Wish all of you the best, and my apologies for being so late.

3/11:  Looks from Charlie's post on facebook, he and Sandy have become grandparents again.  Congratulations to you both.
3/19:  Uh oh.  Rose just pointed out that I left her name off the birthdays for this month.  I'm sorry, Rose.  Fortunately, though, I didn't forget her birthday on the actual day.