6/12:  I received an email from Pete DeWitt.  He is scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on June 24th.  Due to various health problems, this procedure is more serious than the "normal" hip replacement.  Let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers.  We hope that all goes well for him.  I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

6/27:  Heard from a fomer ship mate of Pete's that he came through the surgery, and will be starting rehab.  Way to go Pete.

7/6:  I heard from a friend of Pete DeWitt.  He is not having an easy time of it.  They think he may have had a heart attack, but apparently not much damage.  He continues with occupational and physical therapy on a daily basis.  If you'd like to contact Pete, his address and phone no. are as follows:

                                              Peter DeWitt
                                              c/o Fort Sanders Hospital
                                              1901 Clark Ave.
                                              Room 929
                                              Knoxville, TN   37901

                                              (865) 541- 3929

Just a reminder:  Reunion picnic on Saturday, July 20th (rain date the 21st).  All who might be in the area are welcome.  Just bring your favorite beverage, and a dish to share.

7/9:  Went to Empire City Casino (Yonkers Raceway) with Dan and Nilda this past Sunday.  Outdoor concert by Chris Isaak.  Cut short by T-Storm threat, but didn't dampen our good time.
Why do these pictures always seems to look alike when we get together with Dan and Nilda?  Somebody always sticks a beer in our hands.  At least, this time there was a concert.......................................
and some slots action!
7/10:  Got together with Leah and Jim McIntyre, and Alan and Diane Woermann at Healy's Restaurant in Carmel.  No cameras present, thus no pics.  I guess we're slipping.  
7/15:  Apparently, everyone received an email with then following picture:
Actually, this "vehicle" does exist!  You have to understand that Dan does have a problem, and actually drives his "port-a-jon" around Westchester.  The children in his neighborhood call him "Pee Pee Danny."  The police in the area have asked him to refrain from towing his outhouse around the city (an obvious distraction), but of course Dan tends to ignore what most would consider abnormal behavior.  Instead of investing in "Depends," Dan continued to tow his outhouse.  The result - as you have grown to expect. . . . . . . . .

Dan has been arrested.  That's the real reason he won't be at next week's reunion.
7/19:  Rose was talking with Anita this evening, and asked if I had put anything on the website regarding Vic Rossi.  I remembered that Anita had sent an email previously about Mr. Rossi, and thought that I had relayed the information on the website.  In checking the website, I realized that I had not put anything in.  I apologize for that, and below is the info that Anita had sent via an email back in May:
Vic Rossi had a few incidents, and his daughter had him placed in an assisted living facility.  His address is:

   Vic Rossi
   Country House
   E 60
   2000 Baldwin Road
   Yorktown Heights, NY   10598

   phone no.:  914-245-1967

He would probably enjoy hearing from former students.  He did attend our last 2 reunions.

I try to keep everybody up-to-date with things that are happening on the website.  This time I didn't get the job done.

7/22:  Pete DeWitt continues to have problems resulting from his hip replacement surgery.  Seems he has developed an infection in that area, and he faces another surgery.  We wish him all the best, and he will be in our thoughts and prayers.