3/18:  My son came across this when going through a storage cabinet in the house.  I haven't seen this in at least 40 years.  Don't know if any of you have one.  Wish I had found it before our last reunion.  Now I need to find out how to clean it for better sound quality.  Anybody have the "know how?"
3/21:  What the . . . . .?  Must have been one of those bad hair days for Dan.
Speaking of the devil, here's an adage Dan sent to me via email.  And how true it is:
You don't stop having fun when you get old.  You get old when you stop having fun!
                                                    Dinner at the Pinnacle
                                                     Valerie in Curacao
                                                        Anne in Curacao
          Hey Valerie, did you notice if any ATF agents were stalking you on the cruise?
Well, Valerie, I guess this answers my question.  Although I doubt this would qualify as "stalking."  Just what was in that extra handbag you have there?