May 1:  We have 2 birthdays this month - Kathy (Scanlon) Smith, and John Roger.  Happy Birthday to both of you, and many returns.

Speaking of John, we learned recently that John's wife, Sue, had a fall, and broke her leg.  We wish her a speedy recovery.

5/19:   In case you've been wondering how Clark Collins has been spending the past several years, click on the icon below.
  5/20:  Does anyone know a classmate who is from Old Bridge, New Jersey?   The person who views this website the most (by far) is from Old Bridge , NJ.  If you know, could you get back to me.      

 5/23:  Received an email from Clark Collins that his brother, Paul, passed away yesterday.  I'm sure most of you remember Paul.  Our deepest sympathy for Paul''s family.

 5/28:  The news media reported that the SpaceEx mission was aborted because of the weather, but the real reason is that there was a change in astronaut personnel.  It was decided to send a husband and wife team to the space station.
 Does Elon Musk have a clue as to what he's doing?  This should be quite the circus.  I know that Dan is qualified.  After all, he's been in "outer space" for years, but I'm not sure of Nilda. 

6/1:  June is a busy month for birthdays and anniversaries.  Celebrating birthdays are Leah, Joe Mantovi, and Betty (Castegner) Montgomery.  Happy birthday to each of you, and many returns.
Celebrating anniversaries are Charlie and Sandy Van Riper, Mike and Ethlyn, and Charlie and Linda Patterson. Congratulations to the happy couples.  

7/5: Well, here we are into the month of July already.  Hoping that all of you have managed to avoid the Covid 19 virus.  We have 3 birthdays, but no anniversaries this month (at least that I know of).  Celebrating birthdays are Pat (Comer) Mesa, Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead, and our twins, Judy and Joan Brannigan.  Happy birthday to all of you, and many returns.

8/1:  It's August 1st, and the summer is moving right along.  We have onne anniversary this month, and three birthdays.  Celebrating an anniversary are John and Sue Roger.  Congrats, and many more to come.
Birthdays this month are Charlie Patterson, Rosemarie (Blissard) Sarli, and Dan Schaiewitz.Happy birthday to you, and many returns.

8/7:  Once again, I am the bearer of sad news.  Valerie (Hart) Esterly's daughter passed away on the 3rd of August.  Our thoughts and prayers are for Valerie, and the family in this most difficult time.  I don't know any details, as Isaias wiped out our power, and internet for much of this week.

8/20:  More sad news.  Received word of the passing of Evelyn (Lundelius)
Armistead.  Evelyn had been fighting pancreatic cancer, and lost her battle last night.  Our thoughts and prayers are for Evelyn and the family.