June 2:  Seems like summer has arrived.  Very welcome after this difficult winter.  We have some birthdays and anniversaries this month.  Celebrating anniversaries are:  Charlie and Sandy Van Riper;  Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty; and Charlie and Linda Patterson.  Congratulations.
Celebrating birthdays are: Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, Joe Mantovi, and Betty (Castegner) Montgomery.  Many happy returns.

Just a reminder that we will once again have a picnic at the pond to celebrate our 53rd reunion.  It will be Saturday, August 2 with a rain date of Sunday, August 3.  Hope to see as many of you as possible.  There will be the usual campfire, and limon/orangecello.  We'll aim to start at 3:00, and  ask each person/couple to bring a dish to share.  

6/15:  Some of the class of '61 got together for dinner the other night.  Met at Joe Willy's Fish House in Fishkill.  Those in attendance - Alan and Diana (Opperman) Woermann, Jim and Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, Anita (John) and Tony DeFrancesco, Betty Jo (Castegner) Montgomery, and Rosemary (Hadden) and Bob Decatur.  A good time was had by all.  Sorry, but no pictures were taken.  This always happens when Ace Schaiewitz doesn't show up.

7/14:  I am really behind this month. We have several birthdays this month:
Pat (Comer) Mesa; Diana (Opperman) Woermann; Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead; and Judy and Joan (Brannigan).  Happy Birthday, and many happy returns.

On a much sadder note, I received an email from Susan (Brady) Mauldin, that Pat Vicario passed away recently.  Viewing will be at Joseph Smith Funeral Home on Rte. 6 in Mahopac on Thursday, July 17, from 4 - 8.
Funeral mass will be held at St. John's on Friday at 10:00 a.m.

7/19:  Received some very sad news this morning.  Diana (Opperman) Woermann has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  Most recently at Columbia Presbyterian In New York.  Apparently, not much chance for a recovery.  Prayers would certainly be in order.  Will keep you up to date.

7/20:  Heard from Liz (Coyle) Cargain that Joe Bellucci passed away.  Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

7/21:  Diana (Opperman) Woermann passed away this afternoon.

                                     Diana.  You will be missed.
8/3:  We had a good group yesterday at the 53rd annual reunion picnic.
John and Sue brought a bottle of the MHS champagne from the 50th reunion.  We all raised our glasses in honor and remembrance of Diana.  She was definitely missed, as she and Alan had been at all the previous reunions.
     Our class photographer (Ace Schaiewitz) was in attendance, so I expect to be able to post some pictures of the event (I can only imagine how he might doctor up some of the pics he took).  It wouldn't surprise me if Tony showed up in his old wrestling uniform.  At any rate, check back in a day or two to see who was in attendance.

By the way, does anyone have a contact with someone from the Easton, Bridgeport, and/or Milford, CT area(s)?  If so, email me.  Thanks.
     Ace just never quits.  I think I'm going to have to hire a good attorney.  I think I have a good case for character assassination (Rose said: "that happened a long time ago").
  To Diana and many fond memories
From left to right, front "row":  Nilda Schaiewitz, Dan Schaiewitz;
Back row: Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur, Bob Decatur, Tony Defrancesco, Anita (John) Defrancesco, Louis Sweet, John Roger, Sue Roger, Phyllis (Lunning) Mantovi, Joe Mantovi, Chris (Lacina) Dugas, Dave Dugas.
Missing: Leah (Knapp) and Jim McIntyre - had baby sitting detail for grandkids to leave early.  Most of us can relate to that.
                Dave and Chris Dugas
             Hey, you two, get a room!
    Joe and Phyllis - now that's a little more respectable.
                           Sue and John
    Nilda and Louis.  Watch out for her, Louis.
  Tony and Anita.  I had a feeling he would show up with that old high school wrestling uniform.  Lose that damned thing, Tony!
                  Bob and Rosemary
Dave and Dave?  Wait, that's Dave and Bob wearing Dave's "uniform" from his commune days in the late 60's/early 70's.
Joe and Tony.  Hey, you two, what are you doing down there in the bushes?