12/6:  A group got together last night at Umberto's in Poughkeepsie.  Normally, we get together there in honor of the autumnal equinox, but this year it's much closer to the winter solstice.  We had a group of 16, and had not only members of the class of '61, but also from the class of '59.  They have a large "banjo band" on Monday nights, and play a lot of music from our parents', grandparents', great grandparents' eras and beyond.
Hopefully, with cooperation from some of those in attendance, some pictures will follow.
Don't forget, tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day, so fly your flags at half mast.
John and Sue on the dance floor.  What else is new?
Lori (sp?) Scanlon (class of '59) and Sue.  Sorry, but I don't remember Lori's married name. And yes, she's Kathy's sister..
      The food was pretty good, eh John?
                       Diana / Dave Dugas. 
                       Ace / yours truly
 Rose with Bill and Janet Yager (class of '59)
Anita and Tony (class of '59) with Kathy Moyer (class of '65)
                        Rose and Nilda
Nilda dances the Hora with member of the banjo band
                       Tony and Dan
       Nilda and Diana (a.k.a. Betty Boop)
             Alan Woermann  (class of '59)
                 Thanks, Diana, for organizing this outing!