October 8:  As a result of the mailing I sent out yesterday, I had a few "failure to deliver" notices.  This could be the result of a change in the e-mail address, or possibly too many messages in the inbox.  Not sure, but if anyone knows, please e-mail me, so we can update the website directory.
Gary Dubowy   Richard Mozer   Elaine (Frost) Armistead   Nina (Wolfson) Meyer

You can also check the directory to see names of those people we have not been able to find, and those who we had some info on, but never received any communication from.
October 9:  Received an e-mail from Chris (Lacina) Dugas.  Unfortunately, she tripped, and fractured her shoulder.  She's not able to do much at this point.  Hopefully, she'll heal quickly, and get back on track soon.
Oct. 23:  Judging from a recent group mailing from Dan Baumgartner, I now have to watch out for both Dans from the class of '61. 
Nov. 2:  I'm sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but learned this morning that Diana (Opperman) Woermann, and George Divine lost their daughter, Sharon LaRoche, this past Friday.  Sharon was 44 yrs. of age, and the mother of 2 boys.  They resided in Broomfield, Colorado.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
Nov. 5:  A fund is being set up by a friend of the La Roche's to help Sharon's husband, Paul, with babysitting expenses, etc.  Checks can be sent to:
            Ms. Rain Woodall
            3077 W. One Hundred Thirteenth Court - Unit D
            Westminster, CO  80030
Re: La Roche Family Fund
Nov. 17: Once again, we are approaching the holiday season, with Thanksgiving just a little more than a week away.

Dec. 20:  We got a "holiday snow storm" yesterday which added a bit of atmosphere to the season.  With any luck, we'll still have a snow cover to provide us with a white Christmas.  Rose and I will be snow birds for this winter.  We leave on Jan. 5th for a trip that will take us to Texas, New Orleans, Orange Beach, AL, and Tybee Island, GA for the month of Feb.  To end our southern journey, we'll do our annual Caribbean cruise, and then head home to get the peas in the ground by St. Patty's Day.
From our house to yours, we wish you a great holiday season, and a happy, healthy 2009.    
Feb. 17:  Rose and I got together with Diana (Opperman) and Alan Woermann for lunch on our trip to Tybee Island, GA.  They both are doing well, except Alan broke his arm before they left Mahopac.  We had a good visit, and enjoyed some warm, Florida sun.
Last week, Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty drove over to Tybee Island from Hilton Head.  We had a real nice
visit with them.  They are leaving for a cruise to Tahiti tomorrow (at least, I think it's tomorrow).
We missed a visit with Marlene (Jurkovics) and Ken Camallo by a day on our way over through LA.  Had we been able to check e-mail before we drove through LA, we probably would have been able to connect.
Will be heading to Florida from Tybee next Thursday, and will spend some time with Leah (Knapp) and Jim McIntyre.  Looking forward to seeing them both.
Any news from classmates, don't be shy.  Just send an e-mail - rdecatur@comcast.net   We welcome pictures, as well.  Don't worry, Dan Schaiewitz doesn't have access to this site, so he can't "doctor up" any pictures you might send.
Feb. 28:  While heading to our cruise, Rose and I were invited to stay with Leah (Knapp) and Jim McIntyre for a couple of nights.  We arrived there, and were surprised to have Anita (John) and Anthony DeFrancesco answer the door.  We all had a good visit, and got caught up since we last got together in the summer.