9/12: I'm a bit behind, and want to recognize September anniversaries and birthdays:
Rosemarie and Ricky, Evelyn and Richard, and Dot and Walt all celebrated anniversaries this month.
Charlie Van Riper celebrates his birthday.  I assume no. 70.  Speaking of Charlie, I received an email from Sandy announcing the 1st birthday of their 1st grandchild - "little" Charlie.  They were going to celebrate in Hawaii.
Congratulations to all of you above.

It's also about time that I recognize, and formally and publicly thank a person who has played a vital part with this website (8 years old this past month).  Valerie is our computer graphics editor.  She has worked tirelessly on various projects (primarily at the expense of Ace Schaiewitz).  She even wound up doing some time after being arrested following our 50th reunion.
This is what I call going beyond the call of duty.
Thank you, Valerie!
            Sorry about that, Valerie
10/2:  Not a lot in the way of birthdays and anniversaries for the month of October (at least not many that have been reported to me).  We do have an anniversary -  Kathi (Scanlon) and Richard Smith will be celebrating their 44th on the 11th.  Congratulations to you both!

10/3:  Looks like Leah will be eating plenty of venison this winter, as Jim put an arrow right into Bambi's heart!
10/29:  Believe it, or not, I'm actually getting a jump on the month of November.  We have 2 anniversaries, and 5 birthdays.  Dan & Lori Baumgartner will be celebrating their anniversary on the 11th of November.  Joe & Phyllis will be celebrating their 49th on the 28th.
Christine Dugas will be celebrating her 70th;  Clark his 71st; Ted Mallozzi his 70th (I assume); Phyllis her 70th; and Dot Pritchett (71st ?).
Congratulations to all of you.

Hopefully, we'll get a group together for the dinner/dance on the 16th.  If we do, pictures will follow (I'm sure).

11/12:  Rose and I went to a Frankie Valli concert @ Mohegan Sun this past Sunday.  If you get a chance to see him, go for it.  He is almost 80 yrs. old, and sounds just like he did back in the '60's and 70's.  He went for the better part of 2 hrs., singing all of the old hits - "Rag Doll," "Dawn,"
"Big Girls Don't Cry," Walk Like a Man," and on and on he went.  Has a great band, and backup singers mimicking the Four Seasons.
We met Dot and Ed Pescatore for breakfast the following morning.  I'm sure many of you remember them.  They were a few years behind us at MHS - I think the class of '64.

11/17:  Great time at the dinner/dance last night.  Pics below as promised.

Just think of all the bowls of venison chili you'll be able to make from that, Leah.
Front row:   Janet and Bill Yager (class of '59); Alan and Diane Woermann
Second row: Rosemary and Bob Decatur; Dan and Nilda Schaiewitz
(Hey those people at the neighboring table left all their wine bottles on our table.)

                                 "The Big Band Sound" -  Excellent !
             The "Hudson Valley Swing Dancers" -  Also Excellent !
                        Janet and Bill
              Even after all these years
                                  Alan and Diane
                         Have you no shame?
                                       Nilda and Dan
                Hey you two, get a room !!!
                                Bob and Rosemary
          She clearly adores the guy !
      Bill and Alan - I hope there is NOT a follow up picture to this one.