For the month of May, we have 2 birthdays:  Happy birthday to John Roger, and to Kathy (Scanlon) Smith.  Many returns for you both.

6/22:  Welcome to the summer of '16.  once again, I'm very late in updating the site.  This month, we have Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, Joe Mantovi, and Betty (Castegner) Montgomery celebrating birthdays.  Happy birthday to each of you, and many returns.
Charlie and Sandy Van Riper, Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty, and Charlie and Linda Patterson are celebrating anniversaries.  Congratulations one and all.

As per the email sent out, we will have the reunion picnic on Saturday, August 20th.  Once again, it will be bring a dish to share, and your choice of beverage.  Asking that you respond via email (, or phone - 845-878-9330.  Hope to see those of you who are/will be in the area.

6/30:  I was in contact with Phyllis via email recently, and found out that she has been battling breast cancer since last August.  She has had 4 surgeries, and finished with chemo this past April.  Not sure how many of you were aware of this, but you might want to include her in your thoughts and prayers.  

7/1:  We have 4 birthdays this month:  Pat (Comer) Mesa, Evelyn (Lundelius) Armistead, and our class twins- Judy and Joan (Branigan).  Happy birthday to the 4 of you, and many returns.

7/26:  Sadly, I have to report that Chipper Swarm passed away on Saturday, July 23.  Thoughts and prayers are for the family.

8/17:  Here we are more than 1/2 way through the month of August, and Rose reminded me that I didn't post the anniversaries and birthdays for the month.  We have been busy this month, but alas, that's a poor excuse.  So, for the following, I apologize, especially to those whose important date has passed.
We have an anniversary: John and Sue Roger - don't know which one, but has to be getting close to 50.  Happy anniversary to you both!
Celebrating birthdays are: Charlie Patterson, Rosemarie Sarli, and Dan Schaiewitz.  Happy birthday to each of you, and many returns.
Maybe I'll get my act together for the month of September.

8/21:  The official 55th reunion picture below:

Left to right: Dan Schaiewitz, Nida Schaiewitz, Chris (Lacina) Dugas, Alan Woermann, Dave Dugas, Jim McIntyre, Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, John Roger, Phyllis (Luning) Mantovi, Sue Roger, Joe Mantovi, Louis Sweet, Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur, Bob Decatur, Ethlyn Finnerty, Mike Finnerty.

A good group, and a good time had by all.
More pictures below:

Dan and Nilda.  For once, Dan did not get arrested,  Guess he's finally growing up.
                           Mike and Ethlyn
 Louis with Jim McIntyre in the background 
                           John and Sue
                    Chris and Dave
        Ethlyn, Sue.  Dan and Rose between
                            Jim and Leah
Joe demonstrating karate moves to Jim and Alan
Phyllis explaining to me how a person can be
rough and nice.
                        Alan displays his latest IED
         And even the "class mascot" enjoyed herself