1/9:  John and Sue Roger hosted a get-together last night with Christine and Dave Dugas, Joe and Phyllis Mantovi, Mary Rose (Bartamocchia) Williams, and Rose and I.  Had a great time.  Haven't seen Joe and Phyllis since last reunion.  Haven't seen Mary Rose (class of '63) since high school.  Sorry - no pictures.  Rose let me down.  

1/20:  Rose and I spent the afternoon, and evening with Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty over here on Tybee.  Had a very nice visit, and was great seeing them again.  As has been the norm the past 5 or 6 years, we come down to the area, and they head out of here.  This year, they are heading to South America for their "get-away."  While in Brazil, they are planning to get together with Suzanna for lunch, and a brief visit.  Hopefully, he'll send some pictures of his trip, and some up-dated pics of Suzanna.

1/25:  Received some sad news from Betty (Erickson) Holman today, that Dorothy Simpson passed away.  She had a darn good run as she was 97.
Many of us had her for math, and probably more than one course.  Those who did, probably remember:  "I wonder if. . . . . . . "
May she rest in peace.

2/12:  Just finished a great visit with Leah (Knapp) and Jim McIntyre, and Dot (Stolzenberger) and Walt Pritchet.  They dared to leave the warm 
Florida climate, and came north to Tybee Island for a few days.  Here we are below while on a tour of Fort Pulaski, just off Tybee Island.  
         From left to right:  Walt, Dot, Bob, Rosemary, Leah, and Jim.
                                Don't worry, Ace, it wasn't loaded.
  Went to the Crab Shack on Tybee where we "pigged out."  Oops, sorry ladies.  We ate heartily.

2/16:  Finally, an explanation for the hostile winter experienced in the northeast this winter.  Apparently, the creature pictured below has been responsible.  First seen in the Catskill Mtns. of NY, pictured below, it was most recently spotted in Yonkers, NY.  Scientists are hoping to trap it, and return to its native habitat in the Cascades of the West Coast.
2/21:  Will Ace Schaiewitz ever learn?  Found out that Billy Currington, well known country western star, has a home here on Tybee Island.  Learned that he was arrested last year for "elder abuse" of a 70 yr. old charter boat captain here on Tybee.  He cursed, and threatened the man as he was taking clients on  a fishing trip off shore from Currington's house.  Apparently, Billy's no. 1 hit, "People Are Crazy," is aptly named.  I wanted to explore this further, and located the Currington house - see pic below.
Training my binoculars on the house, I couldn't believe what I saw.  There he was, as clear as could be, Ace Schaiewitz with Billy Currington.  Came to find out that Ace is fully supporting Billy, saying that an old man of 70 should not be allowed to drive a boat, and that Billy was fully within his rights to do what he had done,
There, on the deck, was Ace with Billy.  Having made his remarks supporting Currington's rant at the 70 yr. old charter captain. . . . . . .
you guessed it, Ace was arrested.
You can contact Dan c/o the Chatham County Jail, Savannah, GA  31410