12/29: Heard from Christine re latest email.  She celebrated her 69th birthday on November 14.
  Marlene also responded.  She turned 69 on Dec. 18, and she and Ken celebrated their 41st anniversary on Dec. 26.  They are going on a cruise in April which will take them across the Atlantic, and into the Mediteranean, stopping at ports in France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.  I expect some pics upon their return.
  Rosemarie Sarli wrote to say that she turned 69 on Aug. 30th, and 3 days later, she and Ricky celebrated their 51st year of marriage.  Has to be one of the longest marriages of our classmates.
  You have to admit, the website becomes more interesting when people contribute.  Keep 'em coming!
12/30:  I guess I'd better practice what I preach.  I turned 69 on the day of the winter solstice, and Rose and I celebrated our 48th year together 6 days later.
   Got an email from Leah today.  She gave me the date for her 70th, but I'll hold off on publishing that, as it's several months from now.
   Mike Finnerty is coming up on his 69th in January, but I don't recall the date.  Mike was one of the youngest in our class.  I don't know if he checks in on the website, but I know he won't hold out on us if he does.  I'm sure Rose and I will be getting together with Mike and Ethlyn in the next few weeks.  
   Well, we're on a roll classmates, don't stop now!
Mike Finnerty got back.  He'll be 69 on Jan. 15th.  Also mentioned that he and Ethlyn will be traveling to India at the end of the month (Jan.).  He promised that he'll send some pics.  Also informed of their anniversary date, but that's a while from now.  Will post later on when we get closer - 46th coming up.    

Rose saw this posted on Facebook.  The old Hotel Mahopac ca. 1960.  Most of you probably remember the winter carnivals we used to have back in the late 50's/early 60's.  Most likely, there are a few of us in this pic, but can't see enough detail.  One thing for sure, nobody here is wearing aNorth Facejacket.
 1/8:  Heard from Phyllis that John Roger is having double knee replacement today at Putnam Hospital Center.  I'll let you know how he's doing when I hear.
Phyllis also reported that Joe turned 70 on June 19th; she turned 69 on November 30th; and they celebrated their 48th anniversary on November 28th.  Congratulations, to you both.
We need more classmates to report their news like you, Phyllis.  Thanks.
Heard from Sue Roger that John came through surgery AOK, and now has 2 new knees.  He'll be in the hospital for 3 - 5 days, and will then be involved with the rehab. 
1/13:  Rose and I heading to Tybee Island, GA tomorrow morning.  Will have laptop with us, so don't hesitate to send any news, pics, etc. for the website.
1/20:  Rose and I got together with Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty at their home on Hilton Head Island.  Had a great visit, and a great meal.  Was good seeing them again.  They will be heading to India for a month-long vacation.  He promised me that this time he'll send some pics after they return.  I'm holding you to that, Mike.
1/21:  Heard from Sue Roger today that John came home this past Saturday, and will be starting physical therapy.  Way to go John.  You'll be back on the dance floor in no time!
1/23:  Haven't heard from anybody recently about birthdays, anniversarys, etc.  How am I going to fill in the calendar?  We all know how old we are.  It's not like I'm going to reveal a secret.  What's wrong with getting a few birthday, or anniversary wishes?