Here we are into the month of August, and once again I'm late with the birthdays and anniversaries.  We have 3 birthdays, and 1 anniversary.
John and Sue Roger are celebrating their 46th anniversary (I believe that's the number).  Congratulations John and Sue.
Celebrating birthdays are Dan (Ace) Schaiewitz, Charlie Patterson, and Rosemarie Sarli.  Happy Birthday to each of you.
I know that there are other birthdays and anniversaries that are never mentioned, but then, if I'm not informed, I can't post on this site.

Valerie Esterly, and Anne Tacoma have been over in the British Isles, and France.  I believe they're expected back in the States tomorrow.  Hope they'll send some pictures of their adventure.

8/9:  Received pics today from Valerie and Anne's trip:
                  No need to title this one
                Tower Bridge in London
          Big Ben and Parliament
       And here are the young ladies
8/19:  Dan Schaiewitz sent a picture from the 45th reunion that he was able to improve with a new program he has.  Thought I'd include it here, as it's better than the one I posted earlier on the website.
9/1:  Hard to believe that it's September already.  We have 1 birthday, and 3 anniversaries this month.  Rosemarie and Ricky Sarli; Evelyn and Richard Armistead; and Dot and Walt Pritchet are all celebrating anniversaries.  Charlie Van Riper is celebrating a birthday.  The best to all of you. 
9/5:  Looks like Dan has come up with some of the "missing pics" from our 45th reunion at the Mahopac Golf Course.
                 Dot (Stolzenberger) Pritchet
            Leah (Knapp) & Jim McIntyre
                   Valerie (Hart) Esterly
     Marlene (Jurkovics) & Ken Camallo
               John and Sue Roger
             Mike and Ethlyn Finnerty