2/1:  Right on this month.  We have one birthday, and 2 anniversaries.  Anne (Breglia) Tacoma is celebrating a birthday this month - Happy birthday Anne, and many returns.
Ted and Louann Mallozzi, and Nina (Wolfson) and Lou Meyer are celebrating anniversaries.
Happy Anniversary to both couples.

2/24:  Got together with Mike and Ethlyn for dinner last night in Savannah.

From left: Ethlyn, Mike, Bob, Rosemary.  It was great seeing them, and
getting caught up.

3/7:  We have 2 birthdays this month.  Nina (Wolfson) Meyer and Rosemary Decatur.  Happy birthday to both of you, and many returns.

4/9:  This month we have just one birthday - my partner in crime - Valerie.
Happy birthday, Valerie, and many returns.  One thing we know is in this era of Coronavirus, you won't be partying too much, but do the best that you can!
While on the subject of the coronavirus, I hope all of you are successful with avoidance.  Figures it would show up during OUR retirement.  Let's hope things ease up soon.
   Dan heard on the news that he wasn't allowed to go out in public without wearing a mask.  So here is Dan's solution.  I think you're thinking of the wrong type of virus, Dan.  Would you say that he's too much of a computer geek?

Uh Oh, Dan has threatened Valerie with some kind of revenge.  For the life of me, I don't understand Dan's constantly threatening Valerie every time he gets attacked.
I'm sure Valerie is not shaking in her boots over this, but I just don't understand why Dan does this.

On a different note, Rose and I have been taking  rides around the area, going to places we haven't been to locally, or haven't been to in a long time.  Today we headed down to the Mahopac area.  Went to Union Valley Cemetery where my parents are, and then took off from there.  We went passed Baumlanda on Stebbins Road where Dan Baumgartner grew up.  Place looks the same.  We also passed by my house by the school, and Mike Finnerty's house down the hill from the school.  Hope to do more of these trips in the future.

4/27:  I went searching for former "lost" classmates again, and this time I got lucky.  I found a classmate who was with us for just one year.  Many of you may remember Mark Sobsey.  He came to Mahopac our freshman year, and then moved to PA.  I've included him in the directory should any of you want to contact him.