8/1:  I'm right on time this month with birthdays and anniversaries.  That hasn't happened in quite a while.  Birthdays this month are Dan Schaiewitz, Rose (Blissard) Sarli, and Charlie Patterson.  Happy Birthday to you all, and many returns.
We have one anniversary - John and Sue Roger.  Congratulations you two!

8/3:  There were no drones flying overhead taking reunion pictures.  Our official reunion photographer was under the weather, and couldn't make the affair.  So, we had to use the skills of our waitress at "The Carriage House" restaurant (the former Colosacco's).  Below is the official 58th reunion picture.
From upper left to upper right:  Anita (John) DeFrancesco, Tony DeFrancesco, Joe Mantovi, Phyllis (Lunning) Mantovi, Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur, Bob Decatur, Christine (Lacina) Dugas, Dave Dugas, Jim McIntyre, Leah (Knapp) McIntyre, Alan Woermann.
It was great seeing everyone again, and getting caught up.

                     From front to rear:  Rosemary, Phyllis, Joe, Tony, and Anita.
                          From front to rear:  Christine, Dave, Jim, Leah, and Alan.