5/4:  I never knew about this.  Dan's first business venture.  It was in thePutnam County Courierback in 1953.
5/19:  Word has it that Dan "Ace" Schaiewitz has been working on an audition tape for the TV show Shark Tank.  Who knows, we may finally get to see him on TV.  If that's going to happen, I'll post it here.
5/27:    First Notice- Reunion Picnic - Saturday, July 14th (Rain Date - Sunday, July 15th).  At Decatur's Pond - 401 Cornwall Hill Rd., Patterson. NY.   Beginning at 4:00 p.m.  Bring a dish to share, and your choice of beverage.  Hope to see you there! 
6/3:  Rose and I were paid an unannounced, clandestine visit last night by Ace Schaiewitz.  It is not known if he had an accomplice (Nilda).  I reported the incident to the Putnam County Sheriff's Dep't.  Told them that a stakeout outside of 87 Slocum Avenue in Bronxville would most likely lead to an arrest.
   How do I know who the perpetrator is?
What do you suppose sat on top of this post prior to last night?  That's right - a mailbox!
And what notorious mailbox thief would target Rose and I?  You got it again -Ace SchaiewitzYour time is coming, Ace!!
6/4:  Apparently, Ace began to feel some remorse for what he had done.  We woke up this morning to find that he had replaced our old mailbox with a "classic model." 
7/15:  Glad to report we had another successful "off - year" reunion.  Didn't have a large number of attendees, but didn't affect the good time had by all.  Things started off well, until Dan and Nilda
arrived.  They brought a dark cloud with them, and we could hear the claps of thunder as they drove down the lane.  Storm never did hit, but same thing happened as they were leaving.  Some people just seem to be a magnet for those dark clouds.
Here are some pics below to start things off:
From left to right: Rosemary (Hadden) Decatur, Betty (Castegner) Montgomery, Leah (Knapp) McIntyre,
Bob Decatur, Nilda Schaiewitz, Diana (Opperman) Woermann, Louis Sweet, Alan Woermann,
Chris (Lacina) Dugas, Dave Dugas, Dan (Ace) Schaiewitz, Anita (John) DeFrancesco, and Tony DeFrancesco.
Missing - our photographer - Jim McIntyre
                             Leah and Diane
                          Leah and Jim
Louis holding hisgreatgrandson, Lucas.  His grandson to the right.  Way to go Louis!
Most people just laugh when they see Ace, but apparently Tony is showing his disdain!  Can you blame him?
                        Alan and Diane 
                                                 Around the campfire.  Are we boring you, Anita?
                                                     Diane and Alan
                Leah, Anita, and Nilda
                                There's Alan with those damned keys again.  What's with this guy?
 We even had a fireworks display - provided by one of NYPD's finest - go figure!  When did they become legal in NY?  By the way, what kind of an idiot wore suspenders to a high school reunion?  I didn't know that "Larry the Cable Guy" was a member of our class.
                         Diane and Alan
                         Bob and Rosemary
Jim and Leah with poster of the famous "attack
Dan relaxes in the outhouse while waiting for the fireworks to begin
                    Around the campfire
          Rose trying to hit on Larry the cable guy.
           I told you there was a campfire!
                 Anita, Tony, and Nilda
  Dan, Nilda, and one of Dan's attack squirrels.
            Nice fireworks.  Thanks, Jim!
              Aha!  Here's the perpetrator.
 Why is it, you never have a match when you need it most?
 Well, there you have it.  All the pics from the reunion (that I know of).  Not one picture was "photoshopped" by Dan.  Maybe he is actually growing up.
p.s. Special thamks to Valerie
Oops!  I spoke too soon.  While Dan was showing off for our classmates, the attack squirrels had their own ideas of showing off.
Up, up, and away.  Heading for the Crab Nebula.  I'll bet Nilda had to go out and get a lot ofPreparation Hthe following day.  
After his return to earth, Dan heads to the outhouse in fear of the attack squirrels.  Scrawling an apology on a piece of toilet paper, he utters, "goodbye cruel world."
Son-of-a-B.....!.  He's cut a hole through my outhouse.  He's gonna pay for that!
Now, where's the privacy?
              (I guess that's what happens after too many orangecellos.)