2/7:  Website is receiving 1/2 the "hits" it did a few months ago, so I guess I should add something to it.  Rose and I are on Tybee Island, Georgia, and went on a "movie tour" in Savannah this afternoon.  I'll bet everyone remembers the movie "Forrest Gump."  If you saw it, you must remember the feather floating down from the church steeple, and landing between Forrest's sneakers.  Well, here's the church steeple below:

And below is the exact spot where Forrest sat on the bench with his box of chocolates.  It's where the sign "Chippewa Square" is,  There is a group working to put the actual bench back on this spot, with a bronze statue of Forrest, and the box of chocolates.
Picture below is Rose, and a friend from college with Paula Deen at "Lady and Sons" 
Restaurant in Savannah.  It's just a cut-out of Paula, but Rose and I did run into Paula, and her husband Mike at "Wiley's Barbecue" on Wilmington Island.  I spoke with her briefly, and can report to you that she is exactly like she is on TV.
Well, there you go!  Nobody is sending things in to contribute, so you're stuck with the stuff above.  I'm sure people are busy doing things, and going places,  Let me know, and I won't be boring you with all this stuff!
2/8: Heard from Valerie today.  She'll be getting out of the slammer on April 1, and will be 
celebrating with a cruise to the Panama Canal and Costa Rica.  Expect to post some pictures in the future.
Also heard from Suzanna.  She is recovering from her ordeal, and doing much better.  She will be moving to another address.  I'll edit that in the directory when she lets me know her new location.
How about hearing from the rest of you.  There must be things going on in your lives that you'd like to share with your classmates.
2/17:  Got an email from Diane.  She and Alan got together with Cliff and Peg Bunyea (MHS class of '59).  They visited Bok Tower Gardens, and she attached some pictures.
                                                             Cliff, Peg, and Diana